Women in Energy Nepal

Hydropower sector is identified as the major economic growth driver for Nepal. Favorable policies formulated by the Government for the sector coupled with active participation by the private sector, Nepal is well on its way to be an energy surplus nation. As a result, the sector holds enormous potential for thousands of men and women to be employed. However, the sector has been male dominated and has nominal representation of women. A recent study by International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group, corroborates the existing gender gap in the sector. The report indicates an under representation of women in the sector across all the hierarchies. IPPAN being the umbrella organization of the private sector energy promoters, has taken initiative to provide an environment for women to take more central roles in the sector.

Following the 18 Annual General Meeting of IPPAN carried out in February 7, 2020, a new Executive Committee was unanimously elected as per the amended constitution endorsed by the AGM. The elected Executive Committee was not only bigger in size but also included two women members for the very first time. This was made possible with amendment in the constitution of IPPAN which has made women representation in the executive committee mandatory. The amendment has laid a firm foundation for active involvement of all to address the issue of the wide gender gap within the private energy sector.

Even prior to the 18th AGM, IPPAN’s former Executive Committee had initiated the task of making the sector more gender inclusive. As an initial step, IPPAN had penned a Memorandum of Understanding under the name Powered by Women initiative with IFC during Power Summit conducted in November 22, 2019. A initiative taken to reduce the gender gap in the sector.

Later the Executive Committee, on the foundation laid by the constitution, formed a sub-committee Women in Energy Nepal to lead the initiative. The sub-committee now has included other women members involved in the energy field. WEN has already prepared action plan for the very purpose which has already been endorsed by the Executive Committee. Further to this, WEN is also working with IFC as per the MoU. Through this web page, WEN is providing a platform for all women involved in energy sector to come together and collaborate with IPPAN to make this sector more gender inclusive.

Slogan – “Empowered women, empower women.”

Mission – WEN’s mission is to inspire and empower women to enhance leadership skills and overcome gender inequality in energy sector.

Vision – WEN envision equal involvement and decision-making authority of women and men to create gender balanced sector.

Our Values:

Liberal – Empowering women and helping them overcome the limits and constraint of traditional roles and male dominated power structure.

Equality – Everyone should get same treatment being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make to our member organizations, partners, donors and each other.

Integrity – Doing what is right for the empowerment of women and delivering what we promise

Team Work – Women are stronger together and this comes from our unity to achieve quality outcomes for all stakeholders.

As a start to the initiative, IPPAN is doing a survey among its member organization in order to understand women involvement in the energy sector.We kindly request all members to fill the online survey form by clicking online form.