Executive Committee Members 2

Mr. Ganesh Karki,President

Mr. Ganesh Karki is now with IPPAN as the President; this is his second tenure in the Executive Committee. Mr. Karki has a long and decorated career in the hydropower sector as a promoter as well as supplier of electro-mechanical equipment. He is the Executive Director at Singati Hydropower Company Ltd, Director at People Hydropower Pvt. Ltd, Managing Director at Beni Hydropower Pvt. Ltd and Director at Union Hydropower Co. Ltd. Besides, he is involved in other undertakings as Promoter which includes a BG Group, Managing Director at Qiankang Allonward Hdyro-Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., Baihav Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd as Executive Chairman, and Director at Cream Hydropower to name a few. He is also the President of National Gojurju Karate Association Nepal. Recently, he was appointed as the Honorary Consul of The Republic of Mauritius to Nepal.
Mohan Dangi

Mr. Mohan Kumar Dangi,Senior Vice President

Mr. Mohan Kumar Dangi (Senior Vice-President of IPPAN) boasts an impressive and successful career in the Hydropower sector of Nepal with almost two decade of experience in the Energy sector. Mr. Dangi began his active journey in the hydropower sector ever since he initiated as well as became the Managing Director of Terhathum Power Company Ltd. which includes Upper Khorunga Khola SHPP (7.5 MW) that underwent timely completion under time, cost constraints as well as its cascade project Khorunga-Tangmaya Khola SHPP (2 MW).

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Other hydropower companies that Mr. Dangi is directly involved in are: Beni Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. which includes Upper Solu Khola Hydropower Project (19.8 MW) that is under generation phase; Lalupate Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. which includes Dana Khola HPP (49.95 MW) that is undergoing construction phase; Dona Lake Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. which includes Super Dona Khola HPP (42 MW) that is in survey phase; Pelma Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. which includes Pelma Khola HPP (80 MW) & Upper Sani Bheri HPP (150 MW) that are under detailed survey, engineering & design phase.
His valuable contributions, leadership skills, energetic personality as well as his positive attitude towards the Energy sector of Nepal has highly been appreciated. Mr. Dangi strongly believes that the hydropower & energy sector is the only sector that will develop and speed-up the economic prosperity in Nepal. Mr. Dangi continues to make substantial contributions to both society as well as the Energy sector.

Mr. Ashish Garg,Vice President

Ashish Garg, FCA CISA, is engaged in power sector in Nepal for over two decades with invesments in hydro, solar, wind and power trading ventures. He has served in leading positsions at IPPAN for over last ten years. He chairs the Energy Development Council at Confederation of Nepalese Industry and is the Managing Director of Nepal Power Exchange Limited. Other than power sector, Mr. Garg is also engaged in real estate development, logistics, mining and ceramic tile manufacturing businesses.

Mr. Ananda Chaudhary,Vice President

Ananda Chaudhary is a distinguished professional with a robust background in the energy industry. Holding a degree in civil engineering, he boasts over two decades of expertise in project management, engineering, and strategic decision-making.
Currently, Mr. Chaudhary serves as the Vice President of IPPAN, the Independent Power Producers’ Association of Nepal. He also holds directorship positions at Idi Hydropower Ltd and Annapurna Vidyut Pvt Ltd. Notably, he serves as the Vice President of Upper Marshyangdi Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd., a pivotal joint venture enterprise dedicated to the development of the Upper Marshyangdi-1 hydropower project.

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With a proven track record, Mr. Chaudhary has played a pivotal role in the successful development of numerous hydropower projects, including the prestigious Upper Marshyangdi-1 Hydropower Project. His involvement extends to the feasibility and detailed design of various hydropower ventures, amassing a cumulative capacity of over 500 MW.
Beyond his contributions to the hydropower sector, Mr. Chaudhary serves as an Executive Committee Member at the Nepal Tunneling Association, further underscoring his dedication to advancing Nepal’s energy landscape. Widely respected within his field, he brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to hydropower development in Nepal, making him an invaluable asset to IPPAN.

Mr. Ram Prasad Acharya,Vice President

Mr. Ram Prasad Acharya is the Vice- President of IPPAN. Mr. Acharya is the Managing Director of Annapurna Energy Company Pvt. Ltd. A young entrepreneur, he has large stake in many power projects with a combined capacity of 250 MW. He comes with strong zeal to lead and is known for his team building and leadership skills.

Mr. Bharat Bahadur Khatri,Vice President

Bharat Bahadur Khatri is an accomplished individual with a Master’s in Law (LLM) and a strong commitment to the development and progress of Nepal’s energy and business sectors. His diverse roles and extensive involvement reflect his dedication to fostering growth and innovation in various domains.
Mr. Khatri is currently the Chairman of Peoples power Ltd 4.96 mw Operation project in Illam, Chairman of Dynamic Power Pvt Ltd, overseeing a 4.44 MW under-construction project in Hutuda, Nepal. He also holds the position of Chairman in Aariati Power Ltd, managing a substantial 14.5 MW under-construction project in Bhojpur, Nepal. Furthermore, he serves as a Project Director of KBNR Isuwa Power Ltd, where he is responsible for a massive 97.2 MW under-construction project in Shankhuwashaba, Nepal.

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In addition to his chairmanship roles, Bharat Bdr Khatri assumes the role of Investor at Isuwa Power Ltd, overseeing a 40 MW under-construction project in Shankhuwashaba, Nepal. He is also involved in the hospitality industry, serving as Managing Director of Big Hotel Pvt Ltd in Biratnagar, Nepal.
Mr. Khatri’s leadership extends to Champain Zone Pvt Ltd in Biratnagar, Koshi Province, Nepal, where he holds the position of Managing Director, contributing to the local business landscape.
Furthermore, he is at the helm of MoonLight Hydropower 2, where he is guiding a 22.14 MW under-construction project in Sindhupalchok, Nepal.
Bharat Bdr Khatri is not limited to the energy and business sectors alone. He serves as a Director at Nepal Power Exchange Ltd (NEPEX) and is an Executive Member of the FNCCI Capital Market Forum committee, actively participating in the capital market and economic development discussions.
Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Khatri is deeply involved in education as the Managing Director of Shine Model School Pvt Ltd in Sawyambhu, Kathmandu, where he contributes to the educational growth of the region. His multifaceted contributions demonstrate a strong commitment to the development and prosperity of Nepal.

Mr. Uttam Bhlon Lama,Vice President

Mr. Uttam Bhlon is a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur with a profound expertise in infrastructure projects. His specialization lies in infrastructure financing and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracting. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Management and backed by 12 years of experience in the energy sector, Mr. Bhlon is a driving force in the industry.

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Currently serving as a Board of Director at CEDB Hydro Power Development Company, he oversees multiple hydropower projects spanning Nepal, with a combined capacity exceeding a remarkable 600MW. His leadership contributes significantly to the growth and sustainability of these projects.
Furthermore, Mr. Bhlon holds a pivotal role as a Board of Director at NMB Bank Limited, a foreign joint venture bank in collaboration with FMO Netherlands. NMB Bank Limited focuses on financing and supporting energy infrastructure, further solidifying Mr. Bhlon’s commitment to the energy sector’s development.
In addition to his impressive corporate endeavors, Mr. Bhlon is the founding chairman of NMB Microfinance, demonstrating his dedication to financial inclusion and empowerment at the grassroots level. Beyond this, he is actively engaged in various sectors, including food processing, trading, and agriculture, showcasing his multifaceted approach to business and development.
Mr. Uttam Bhlon’s remarkable blend of knowledge, experience, and vision positions him as a prominent figure in Nepal’s business landscape, and his contributions continue to drive progress across multiple industries.

Mr. Balaram Khatiwada,General Secretary

Mr. Balaram Khatiwada, the General Secretary at IPPAN, boasts an extensive career spanning over 23 years within the energy sector. His role as Director of Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited is just one facet of his multifaceted career. Mr. Khatiwada also holds influential managerial positions in several enterprises collectively striving to generate more than 50 MW of electricity. Notable among these companies are ABP Energy Private Limited and Atlas Energy Private Limited.

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With a remarkable track record, Mr. Khatiwada has contributed his expertise to over 40 infrastructure projects, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the field of construction management. His proficiency in construction management has earned him a reputation as one of the most reliable service providers in the areas of construction, mining, and tunneling.
Beyond his energy sector engagements, Mr. Khatiwada is an entrepreneur with diverse interests. He owns trading enterprises and a construction company specializing in the challenging tasks of hard rock cutting and road construction in steep and challenging terrains. Furthermore, his warehouse business provides indispensable services to several multinational corporations operating in Nepal.
Mr. Balaram Khatiwada’s rich and varied experiences have solidified his position as a respected and accomplished professional in both the energy sector and the broader business landscape.
Kavita Kandel_miss

Mrs. Kabita Pokhrel Kadel,Secretary

Kabita Pokhrel is a seasoned professional serving as the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Independent Power Producer’s Association of Nepal (IPPAN). With an impressive career spanning 23 years in the banking sector and eight years of dedicated experience in the energy industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

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Kabita holds a master’s degree in Economics, reflecting her strong academic background. Currently, she is at the forefront of the Women in Energy Nepal Campaign within IPPAN, advocating for greater gender inclusion across various levels of the energy sector, fostering diversity and empowerment.
In addition to her work in the energy sector, Kabita is actively involved in financial institutions such as Prabhu Capital and Asha Laghubitta Bittiya Santha Limited, where she plays a vital role. She also serves as a Director in Asha Laghubitta, a ‘D’ class national-level financial institution dedicated to providing financial solutions to marginalized women.
Notably, Kabita holds the position of Chairperson in Himshila Hydropower Company Limited and Shirjanshil Urja Company Pvt. Ltd., where she contributes to the development of Nepal’s energy infrastructure. Furthermore, she serves as a Director in Liberty Energy and Ruby Valley Company Limited, showcasing her commitment to driving progress in the energy sector.
With her extensive experience, academic background, and multifaceted roles, Kabita Pokhrel is a dynamic leader who continues to make significant contributions to both the energy industry and the financial sector in Nepal.

Mr. Bikram Bista,Secretary

Mr. Bikram Bista is a dynamic individual whose footprint in the realms of banking, insurance, and hydropower has left an indelible mark on the industry landscape. He is a visionary leader with an unparalleled commitment to progress and innovation. Mr. Bikram Bista, a name synonymous with excellence and transformation.

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In the world of hydropower, Mr. Bista serves as the Chairman of Isuwa Energy Pvt. Ltd., where he steers the ship towards a sustainable future. Under his guidance, the Isuwa Khola PRoR Cascade Hydroelectric Project, boasting a capacity of 40.1 MW and located in the enchanting Sankhuwasabha region, is currently under construction – a testament to his dedication to clean energy. He has also developed Baramchi Khola Hydropower Project which started developing Power from 27 Poush 2063 B.S which also the third hydropower project built by Private firm.
But his influence extends far beyond hydropower, as he is also at the helm of Bista Energy House Pvt. Ltd., Vision Tesla Power Pvt. Ltd., Magic Arun Hydropower Pvt. Ltd., Bista Trading House Pvt. Ltd., and the philanthropic Chhatra-Bom Bista Foundation, where his vision for a brighter tomorrow shines through.
Furthermore, Mr. Bista is a Founder Director of ICFC Finance Ltd., an institution that has played a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape of the nation. His prominence as a promoter is also undeniable, with a diverse portfolio encompassing Kumari Bank Ltd., Surya Jyoti Insurance Co. Ltd., Wonder’s Nepal, Sky Walk Pvt. Ltd., and KBNR Isuwa Power Ltd.
Lastly, his expertise is widely sought as an advisor, exemplified by his role on the Ghimire Bista Uddhar Central Committee, where his insights and wisdom are instrumental in charting a path towards prosperity.
Mr. Bikram Bista, a multifaceted luminary in the worlds of finance, energy, and philanthropy, embodies the spirit of innovation, progress, and positive change. Today, we are honored to have him among us, a driving force for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Mr. Bharat Kumar Khadka,Secretary

Mr. Bharat Kumar Khadka is an Secretary  of IPPAN and serving second term. Mr. Khadka is the Chairman of Mount Kailash Hydropower Pvt. Ltd, the developer of under operation of 13.6 MW Thapa Khola Hydropower Project. This project was developed in difficult times under his adept leadership. He has more than four decades of experience as a leading contractor in Nepal. He is the former President of Contract Association of Nuwakot.

Mr. Prakash Chandra Dulal,Joint General Secretary

Mr. Prakash Dulal holds Master’s Degree in Management and is Managing Director of Aarati Power Co. Ltd. (Upper Irkhuwa Khola 14.5 MW). Mr. Dulal, Joint General Secretary at IPPAN, is involved in various hydropower project in capacity of Director including Nilganga Hydropower Co. Pvt. Ltd., Suti Khola Hydropower Project and Phedi Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. He has 15 years of experience in energy sector. He had also served as Manager in Himalaya Urja Bikash co. Ltd. which owns Upper Khimti and Upper Khimti-II hydel projects. He is also an expert in the water and energy policies with more than 300 articles related to energy and water published in the national daily newspaper.

Narendra Ballav Panth,Treasurer

Narendra Ballav Panth is the chairman of dev group. Dev group with its head office at dev plaza in Newroad has its investments in various sectors of Nepalese economy including major in hydropower, construction, agriculture, real estate, microfinance and capital markets.

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Mr.Panth serves as the Treasurer of IPPAN, the Independent Power Producers’ Association of Nepal. Mr. Panth is a singer, composer and lyricist as well.

Mr. Panth has 12 years of experience in hydropower and 15 years of experience in microfinance. As of now total of 65 mw of in operation hydropower projects and 80mw of under construction projects with total of 145 mw of projects in various parts of Nepal has been accomplished with investments from Dev Group. Recent under construction project under dev group includes United Mewa 50MW and Mathillo Thulo Khola 22.5 MW which are expected to be completed soon within 18 months and connected to the national grid.

Mr. Uttar Kumar Shrestha

Uttar Kumar Shrestha is an experienced energy sector professional with 21 years of experience at Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), a national power sector utility. He held various senior management positions during his time there and concluded his tenure as the Managing Director of NEA. He has a proven track record in business development, contract negotiations, risk management, market analysis, project financing, construction and commercial operation of hydro power project etc. Overall, Mr. Shrestha has a vast knowledge of hydroelectric power sector, associated regulations and legal requirements of doing business in Nepal.

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Mr. Shrestha is a Fellow Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds MBA from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
At present, he is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Butwal Power Company Ltd (BPC) since 2014, a pioneer and leading hydropower company involved in hydro power sector in Nepal. He has been serving as chairman in Hydro Consult Engineering Company Ltd and board member in various hydropower companies.
He is also an Executive Member of the Independent Power Producers’ Association. Mr. Shrestha has participated as an expert in various national and international forums related to hydropower development.
Previously, he was also a member of the Electricity Tariff Fixation Commission, appointed by Government of Nepal.
The sectoral knowledge and expertise he acquired during his employment at the state utility is now being used in hydropower development with the private sector. Before he joined BPC, he also worked as an in-sourcing Human Resource & Financial Management Specialist under World Bank TA in Town Development Fund, a government undertaking. Also, as a professional, he has been able to contribute positively to the areas of hydropower development and reforms of electric utilities. Apart from these, his associations with numerous professional bodies, both national and international, make him a professional winner.

Susan Karmacharya (Rajbhandari)

Mrs. Susan Karmacharya (Rajbhandari) is a distinguished individual with a rich and diverse portfolio of experiences and roles. She served as a Personal Secretary to Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha, as well as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign & Local Development Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha from July 2011 to August 2012.

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Mrs. Karmacharya currently holds the position of Executive Chairperson at Madame Khola Hydropower Ltd. (MKHPL), overseeing the development of a significant 24MW hydropower project in Kaski District, Gandaki Province, set for completion in 2024. Additionally, she leads Yambaling Hydropower Ltd. (YHPL), actively involved in a 7.27 MW hydropower project in Sindhupalchowk District, slated for completion by July 2023.
Formerly, Mrs. Susan Karmacharya (Rajbhandari) chaired Eastern Hydropower Ltd. (EHPL), successfully completing a 5MW Pikhuwa Khola Hydropower project in Bhojpur Municipality in June 2019. She also holds key positions in the financial sector as the Chairman of Money Plant Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. and the Chairperson of Money Plant Saving & Co-operative Ltd.
Furthermore, Mrs. Susan Karmacharya (Rajbhandari) is an active contributor to her community as a Board member of Laligurans Batika School and Namuna Hospital. She has also made significant strides in the business world through the establishment of Ojashwi Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. and Ojashwi Construction Pvt. Ltd. With her wealth of experience and dedication to various sectors, Mrs. Susan Karmacharya (Rajbhandari) continues to make substantial contributions to both society and the business realm.

Bijay Mohan Bhattarai

Bijay Mohan Bhattarai boasts a remarkable career spanning over 30 years, making him a pioneer in innovation and sustainability across diverse industries. His expertise encompasses manufacturing, hydropower, construction, and retail chain stores. He has played a pivotal role in steering more than 20 companies to success, leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape.

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Mr. Bhattarai is a passionate advocate for sustainable development, evident throughout his professional journey. He has consistently introduced eco-friendly innovations. As the leader of Capital Brick Industries, he set a sustainable benchmark by manufacturing high-quality clay bricks with hoffman kilns. Additionally, as Chairman of Mareykharey River Mining Nepal, he revolutionized river mining, emphasizing eco-friendliness in raw material extraction.
His leadership in the energy sector, as Managing Director of Langtang Hydropower (30 Megawatts) and Gupche Khola Hydropower (7.5 Megawatts), showcases his belief that environmental conservation and infrastructure development can coexist harmoniously.
Mr. Bhattarai also founded Kaski Finance Limited, which later merged to create Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank. He ventured into global manufacturing and distribution of pashminas and carpets and pioneered one of Nepal’s earliest retail chain stores. Additionally, he conducted extensive research projects in Western Nepal on the potential of Nepali herbal products in the global market.
Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Bhattarai has unwaveringly championed ethical business practices, innovation, and sustainability, leaving a lasting impact on the global business landscape while propelling Nepal’s growth.

Kuber Mani Nepal

Mr. Kuber Mani Nepal stands as an eminent entrepreneur, leading the charge in Nepal’s dynamic energy sector, with a focus on hydro, solar, and biomass technologies. Boasting an impressive 22-year career, he embarked on his journey in 2000 with the groundbreaking 3MW Piluwakhola Project, marking Nepal’s maiden privately developed hydropower venture—fully financed by domestic banks and equity.

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Presently, Mr. Nepal assumes the role of Managing Director at Ridi Power Company Limited and stands as the visionary founder of Bakas Renewable Energy Limited. His leadership encompasses the proficient management of three operational hydropower projects, one in the midst of construction, a pioneering grid-tied solar initiative, and a biomass plant situated in Sarlahi.
Notably, under his astute guidance, Ridi Power Company Limited achieved a remarkable milestone by constructing and operating Nepal’s premiere 8.5MW large-scale ground-mounted solar project, located in Tillottama, Rupandehi district. Mr. Nepal further plays an instrumental advisory role in the 10MW Jhapa Grid Connected Solar Project, contributing significantly to the nation’s rooftop solar endeavors through JD Energy.
Mr. Kuber Mani Nepal’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment continue to drive innovation and progress in Nepal’s ever-evolving energy landscape.

Suman Joshi

Suman Joshi is a prominent executive member of IPPAN and is known for her contributions to the organization. As the Executive Director at White Lotus Power Limited, she has established herself as a leader in her field. Suman’s professional journey began in the world of banking, where she gained valuable experience and insights.

With an impressive academic background, including an MBA, Suman has honed her expertise in various facets of the financial and project management sectors. Her primary interests lie in banking, project financing, project management, and the effective execution of projects. Suman’s dedication and passion for these areas make her a respected figure in both IPPAN and the broader business community.

Him Prasad Pathak

Him Prasad Pathak is a seasoned leader in the hydropower sector, boasting over 12 years of invaluable experience. Currently serving as the Chairman of Sahas Urja Ltd, Mr. Pathak has consistently demonstrated his visionary leadership and strategic acumen, propelling the organization to new heights. His prior role as the Executive Chairman of Ru Ru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana Ltd, overseeing a 5 MW project, showcased his exceptional project management skills.

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As a Board Director at Southwestern State College Pvt Ltd, he contributes vital strategic insights to shape the institution’s vision. Moreover, in his capacity as Chairman of Karnali Water Power Pvt Ltd, Mr. Pathak is leading critical hydropower initiatives, including the ambitious Humla Karnali 1 (335 MW) and Humla Karnali 2 (235 MW) projects.
His unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions and his dedication to the hydropower sector have solidified his reputation as a respected and influential figure in the industry, poised for further accomplishments in the future.

Isha Shrestha

Ms. Isha Shrestha is a dynamic and accomplished figure in the energy sector, with a decade of experience. She holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Law from Nepal Law College and Social Work from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu. She has also earned a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies and is pursuing her PhD in the same field.

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Currently, Ms. Shrestha serves as the Deputy General Manager of Tundi Power Company Pvt. Ltd., overseeing two key hydropower projects: Rahughat Mangale and Upper Rahughat Hydropower Project. She is actively involved in the 171 MW Dudhkoshi-6 Hydropower project at Sagarmatha Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
As a Director at Nilgiri Khola Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd., Ms. Shrestha manages the development of Nilgiri Khola I Hydropower Project (38 MW) and Nilgiri Khola II Hydropower Project (62 MW). She is also a shareholder in Mandu Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
Beyond her corporate roles, Ms. Shrestha is the Founder of the Maryada Foundation, dedicated to women’s empowerment and indigenous communities. She is also an Energy Executive Committee Member at the Nepal Chamber of Commerce since June 2021.
Ms. Isha Shrestha’s contributions to the energy sector and her commitment to social welfare make her a remarkable leader in Nepal’s business landscape.

Mithun Paudel

Mithun Paudel is a distinguished professional with his diverse work experience in different sectors. He served as a Association of with Center for Economic, Social and Environmental Research Nepal (CESER-Nepal) as Researcher from 2016 to 2019. Then Senior Researcher Fellow (2019 onwards) speicialized in Federal Governance System,Inclusive Development Local Resource Mobilization.

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Mithun Paudel is a seasoned professional serving as the Member of the the Executive Committee of the Independent Power Producer’s Association of Nepal (IPPAN). Mr. Paudel holds Master’s degree in Infrastructure Planning and Construction Management. He took participation as Being member of delegates lead by energy minister at “Investment Forum for Energy Sector of Nepal” held in Beijing, China at Oct, 2018 Organized by Nepalese Embassy at China and Nepal China Economic Co-operation Forum.
In addition to his work in the energy sector, Mithun is actively involved in many projects as Deputy Project Manager of Pikhuwa Khola Hydropower Project 6MW(Bhojpur) , Project Manager Of Jhyari Khola Hydropower Project 2MW(Sindhu Palchok), and Residence Engineer of Hugdi Khola Hydropower Project 5MW( Gulmi).
Notably, Mithun holds the position of Chairman in Genuine Energy Solutions and Rising Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd, Executive Chairman in Genuine Consultants and Executive Member in Institute for Development Policy Studies.
Furthermore, Mithun Paudel is an Executive Member of Listener Club Nepal helped in Conducting different social activities. His Knowledge and Experience is instrumental in recognizing and solving problems before they adversely impact on project.

Shailendra Guragain

Shailendra Guragain is a prominent figure in the energy sector, renowned for his remarkable career marked by significant contributions to various hydropower projects. His journey includes serving as the Former Chairman of Barun Hydropower Company Ltd., where he played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the Hewa Khola Hydropower project, generating an impressive 4.5 MW of clean and renewable energy.

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Shailendra’s expertise extends to his role as Director at Ngadi Group Power Limited, where he made significant contributions to the Siuri Khola Small Hydropower Project, resulting in the production of 5.0 MW of sustainable energy. However, his most notable achievement to date has been his ascent to the position of Executive Chairman at Siuri Nyadi Power Ltd., where he oversees the remarkable Siuri Nyadi Hydropower Project, boasting a capacity of 40.27 MW.
Beyond his involvement in the hydropower sector, Shailendra has made substantial contributions to the financial industry by serving on the boards of two prominent banking institutions, Janata Bank Limited and Sunrise Bank Limited. He has also been an active participant in the Independent Power Producers’ Association Nepal (IPPAN), where he not only served as its Past President but also held an executive committee position as the Co-Chairperson for the FNCCI’s Energy Committee. Presently, he holds the esteemed position of Chairperson at the Capital Market Forum of FNCCI.
Shailendra Guragain is undeniably a visionary leader in the energy sector, combining extensive experience, academic prowess, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions. His dynamic career and dedicated leadership within various associations underscore his enduring and influential impact on Nepal’s energy landscape.

Shankar Bashyal

Mr. Shankar Bashyal has 28 years’ of professional experiences in carrying out environmental studies (Environmental Impact Assessment, Initial Environmental Examination and Brief Environmental study) of different hydropower project and transmission line projects and environmental monitoring and management of under construction hydropower and transmission line projects, hydropower developer and investor in Nepal.
Mr. Bashyal now serves as a member of IPPAN, the Independent Power Producers’ Association of Nepal. He has good skill of management and public coordination for study and construction of hydropower and transmission line projects.

Bharat Prasad Nepal

Bharat Prasad Nepal is an experienced energy sector professional started from 1993 in Lumbini sugar factory ltd. to 2007 as Nepal Senior Admin, Officer. His journey includes serving as the Nepal Chairman – Founder of Durga Shaikshik Griha (English Medium Sec. School).

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Mr. Bharat Prasad Nepal Set up own company, identified potential rivers, organized day to day administration, organizing detailed feasibility survey and set up a 5 MW ‘Upper Hugdi Khola’ Hydro Power Project, and complete the project on time also Myagdi Hydro Power Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal.
He Also set up a 14 MW ‘Ghar Khola Hydro Power Project, and complete the project on time Looking for other potential rivers, to develop and generate hydropower.
Mr. Nepal is a seasoned professional serving as the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Independent Power Producer’s Association of Nepal (IPPAN). He serves as the Executive Chairman of Myagdi Hydropower Limited.
Bharat Prasad Nepal is also the Managing Director of Ruru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana and also serves as the Chairman of Arya Tara Investment and Securities Pvt.Ltd Stock Broker No. 57.

Tek Nath Acharya

Mr. T. N. Acharya is a fellow Chartered Accountant with more than 15 years of experience in audit, consultancy service and preparation of financial feasibilities of hydro power projects.
He is actively involved in development of various hydro powers in the form of investor and consultant for the past decade. He was actively involved as financial consultant of various Hydropower companies on behalf of Banks also.

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Mr. T.N. Acharya is serving as the member of the Executive Committee of the Independent Power Producer’s Association of Nepal (IPPAN).
In the world of hydropower, Mr. T.N. Acharya serves as the Board members of Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd and Chairman of Vision Energy & Power Ltd. (Developer of Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project -57.5 MW). He is also the Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN); The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), and Management Association of Nepal.
Furthermore, Mr. Acharya has experience as Board Member of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Airlines Corporation, Nepal Electricity Authority, Citizen Investment Trust; and Member of Local Body Fiscal Commission under Ministry of Local Development.
Mr. T. N. Acharya’s involvements in Hydro Power Projects as Ex-Board of Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), worked as member and coordinator in various Sub-committees in NEA. He Involved in several investigations, field visit of various hydropower projects, transmission line project, distribution services during the board membership of NEA.
Moreover, Mr. T.N. Acharya is an Accounting Consultancy of 17 Hydropower Companies, Statutory/Internal audit of 16 Hydropower Companies, Business plan and financial feasibility study of 27 Hydropower Companies, and Financial Consultant of 12 Hydropower Projects appointed by Various Consortium Banks.

Bharat Prasad Parajuli

Mr. Bharat Prasad Parajuli, the Member At Independent Power Producer’s Association of Nepal (IPPAN), boasts a remarkable career spanning over 25 years within the energy sector. National Hydro Power Company Limited (2054),he is involved in this field.

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He obtained his masters degree in sociology from Tribhuvan University in 2005. Mr. Parajuli, who has contributed greatly to the social development sector as a specialist in the field of agriculture.
After being the coordinator of Chakola Hydropower project promoted by Alliance Power Nepal, he has worked in Lower Indravati, Niyati and other hydropower projects.
As an expert on explosives and its security system, he has participated in more than 80 hydropower projects while contributing to Nepal’s hydropower sector. He has invested in projects such as Tallo Irkhuwa, Kalanga Garh, Mathillo Sanigarh, Super Dordi, Nyasim Khola etc.
Parajuli is a successful businessman who heads dozens of companies involved in the construction of the under construction Brahmani Upper Brahmani in Brahmani hydropower projects in Sindhupalchok district.

Krishna Prasad Acharya

Krishna Prasad  Acharya is a dynamic and accomplished figure in the energy sector, with a rich and diverse portfolio of experiences and roles. Previously, he held the position of President and currently serving as an advisor to  the Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal, IPPAN’s, showcasing his expertise and leadership in the energy sector.

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Mr. Acharya has a distinguished past, having served as president in various notable organizations in Nepal. He was the President of HECAF Nepal ; National Kidney Centre. Additionally, he led the Prithivi Highway Bus Sanchalak Samiti, showcasing his expertise in transportation and infrastructure. Mr. Acharya also presided over the Acharya Bandhu Samaj, emphasizing his dedication to social and community initiatives. He also held a significant position in the Union of Industry & Commerce, Nepal, highlighting his involvement in the business and commerce sector.

Previously, he served as the chairperson of Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company, overseeing projects like Rudi A & Rudi B Hydropower (15.4MW). Additionally, he played a pivotal role as the Chairperson of  Kist Medical College and also his involvement with Dashu Foods, pioneering Nepal’s first tortilla production.

Currently, he serves as the chairperson of Multi Energy Development Pvt. Ltd., leading projects like Langtang Khola HEP 20 MW & Gupche Khola 7.5MW,making substainable strides in clean energy generation. He continues his impactful work as the chairperson of Ripoo Mardenee Pvt. Ltd.,  Win Pvt. Ltd. (Tourism & Hospitality), Nepal Power Exchange Company Ltd. (NEPEX) and also in  Rudi Agro Pvt.Ltd., which is  Agriculture based Company.

Furthermore, Mr. Acharya serves as the Director of RM Investment and RB Complex. He serves as the Promoter of Kamana sewa Bikas Bank Ltd.,  Pokhara Noodles and  Avionte Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In addition he is Trustee of Gandaki University and also Patron of Gandaki Samajik Guthi. He also serves as the Founder/Charter Member of National Parents Union of Nepal, Kathmandu,  Rotary Club of Pashupati,  Nepal Red Cross Society, Iscon Nepal  & Akhanda Jyoti BSSJC Trust.

In addition to his professional commitments, Mr. Krishna Prasad  Acharya serves as an Executive Chairman of Peoples Energy Ltd . He also serves as an Advisor of Bharatmohan Adhikari Smriti Foundation. His diverse leadership roles underscore his extensive experience and multifaceted contributions to various sectors in Nepal.