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Executive Manager

Job-Description for Executive Manager (EM)

Academic Qualification and Preferred Skills for the post of EM

The applicant should be a graduate in engineering or a graduate in other subjects; a master's degree will be an added advantage. S/He should have experience of working with government, semi-government, local institutions, private organizations, NGOs or INGOs in similar position for at least over five years. Previous experience in hydropower/solar development projects or similar association will be given preference. S/He should be well acquainted with hydro and solar development sector.

The job description of the EM includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. To organize and manage the activities of IPPAN office as per the rules and regulations set by IPPAN Executive Committee.

2. To keep all the members of IPPAN informed about the activities of IPPAN, programs and meeting schedules, etc.

3. To arrange and coordinate IPPAN meetings as Executive Manager, prepare minutes, circulate to members for comments and finalize the minutes.

4. To arrange and coordinate IPPAN committees and sub-committee meetings as Executive Manager, prepare minutes, circulate to members for comments and finalize the minutes on need basis.

5.  To circulate relevant decisions of the meetings to the concerned members, organizations and institutions; follow up on actions to be taken by concerned party/ parties as per the decision of IPPAN.

6.  To coordinate the activities of IPPAN with Government and other national and foreign institutions with a view to maintaining good professional and friendly relations for the development of IPPAN as a trustworthy organization that supports power development efforts of the country.

7.  To prepare annual budget, arrange maintaining accounts of expenditure and income, arrange for annual audit, and registration renewals.

8.  To arrange for seminars and trainings and coordinate with concerned resource person on need basis.

9.  Further lead and organize fund raising activities as directed by the EC.

10. To publish regular newsletters, annual reports of activities, financial statements of income and expenditures.

11. To prepare annual program, coordinate the execution of annual activities of IPPAN, and maintain records and files, correspondence and activities.

12. To obtain relevant records, publications, and legal documents related to Hydropower, Solar and water resources developments, policies, guidelines including relevant acts, regulations by the Government of Nepal. Further, obtain guidelines and periodicals from World Bank, ADB and other donor agencies to establish a library for reference by the members and individuals.

13. To manage the library and website of IPPAN.

14. To develop projects, project proposals and to participate in R&D projects.

15. To handle registration of new members and membership dues.

16. To represent IPPAN for programs and activities under the guidance and instructions of EC where a general presence of IPPAN is warranted and act on behalf of IPPAN in an appropriate situation. 

17. To follow general rules and guidelines of national interest while discharging the duties and responsibilities.