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Seminar & Conference


   IPPAN/IFC/ICH training workshop on 'Disaster Risk Management in Hydropower: From Preparedness to Insurance and Mitigation'

13-16 November, 2017

  'IPPAN-DoED program to felicitate hydropower projects under operation'

16 July, 2017

   'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Beni, Myagdi

 26-27 May, 2017

     'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Illam

9-10 March, 2017

     'National Energy Crisis and Development Decade 2072 and Jantako Paani Jantako Lagani' by IPPAN and WAREJ

1 March, 2017

'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Sankhuwasabha

28-29 Jan, 2017

  15th Annual General Meeting of IPPAN
28th December, 2016

   'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Bidur, Nuwakot

22-23 Oct, 2016

'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Bandipur

12-13 Aug, 2016

  IPPAN-IFC workshop on 'River Basin Planning and Cascade Operating Agreement' in Nagarkot
28-29 July, 2016

'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Charikot

2-3 July, 2016

  IPPAN-IFC workshop on 'Good practice for Aquatic Biodiversity Baseline Determination and Monitoring Protocols'
7-8 April, 2016

  'Capacity and consensus building in hydropower' in Dailekh

26-27 March, 2016

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4 December, 2016

    14th AGM of IPPAN
24 December, 2015

    Hydropower Project Financing (Organized by IPPAN and IFC)
24-25 September, 2015

    Status of Hydropower Projects in the Far-West (Organized by IPPAN and Far Western Stakeholders' Forum)
12th September, 2015

     Consensus and Capacity building in Hydropower Projects
12th April, 2015

     Sustainable Development of Hydropower (Organized together by IFC and IPPAN)
10-11 March, 2015

13th Annual General Meeting of IPPAN
12th December, 2014

      ICH-IPPAN seminar on "Operation and Maintenance management of Hydropower Plants "
24th-28th November, 2014

       A program on "Sectoral Reform Post PTA and PDA"
13th November, 2014

    Interaction program on "PTA and PDA for Energy Development: Opportunities and Challenges" (Together with CNI)
14th September, 2014

         SAARC workshop on "Harmonizing Regulations and Policies for Cross Border Power Trade , Risk Sharing and Financial settlement Issues" (Together with SAARC Energy Center and IPPAI)
26-27 June, 2014  

        SAARC workshop on "Harmonizing Regulations and Policies for Cross Border Power Trade , Risk Sharing and Financial settlement Issues" (Together with SAARC Energy Center and IPPAI)
26-27 June, 2014      

        Workshop on Scaling up Renewable Energy Program (In partnership with IFC)
18th April, 2014

         Marsyangdi Basin (Lamjung) Hydropower Site visit for Journalists.
21st-22nd March, 2014

        Participation of IPPAN on the 'Nepal Economic Summit 2014'
24th-26th February, 2014

          Hydropower Financing and Risk Management-Main Seminar
27th-31st January, 2014 

         Financing of Hydropower Projects- Issues and Challenges
25th January, 2014 

         Nepal Tunnelling Association in cooperation with IPPAN organized a training on 'Site Investigation, Design and Construction of Hydro and Transport Tunnels'

19th-20th December, 2013 

       A program on Introduction of new EC members and IPPAN's future course of action
15 December, 2013      

         12th AGM
29 November, 2013   

       Power Summit 2013
26-27 August, 2013 

         "Final Review Report on the Model Project Development Agreement (PDA)" to Ministry of Energy

7th July, 2013

Hydropower Financing and Risk Management (Mini Seminar)
18th April, 2013 

      Negotiation Techniques – Practical Training in Negotiation Techniques through Role Play based on realistic scenarios
27th January to 2nd February, 2013

     11th AGM
0th November, 2012  

        Concession Agreement -From bidding through Negotiation
5th- 9th November, 2012  

     10th AGM
24th August, 2011 

      Media Training for economic Journalists
19st August, 2011

      Hydropower Summit 2012
March 14-15, 2012, Wednesday-Thursday  

      Conditioning Monitoring and Maintenance Planning of the Francis Turbine
March 25, 2012, Sunday  

      The Ninth AGM
31st May 2010

      Hydropower seminar on : Nepal's Hydropower (1911-2010) under Scanner & A Way Forward
24th May 2010    

      Launching of Power Crisis Report and Documentary Film
23rd November 2009

      Hydro Power 2009
25th- 26th April 2009  

      Power Summit'08
23rd- 24th September 2008  

      Seventh & Eighth AGM
23rd July 2008    

      Hydropower Project Financing
21st July 2008 

      Power Crisis
15th July 2008  

      Training on Geographic Information System (GIS)
19th -28th September 2007    

      Power Summit '07
17th -18th September 2007  

      Interaction Program on EIA Study of Hydropower projects
10th July 2007  

      Seminar on Power Trade
5th and 8th July 2007

      Interaction program with Society of Economic Journalists of Nepal (SEJON)
1st July 2007  

      Launch of Power Summit Proceeding
4th June 2007  

      Workshop on "Physical Modelling"
18th May 2007

      Sixth AGM of IPPAN
19th January 2007

      Workshop on "Hydropower Investment; Bankers' Perspective"
17th November 2006

      Power Summit'06
7th-8th September 200

      Fifth AGM of IPPAN
13th January 2006

      International Training/ Workshop on Small Hydropower
8th- 11th July 2005, Kathmandu Nepal

      Farewell to Mr. Tor Bendik Midtgarden
26th June 2005  

      Opportunities and Challenges for Hydropower Investment in Nepal
24thJune 2005   

      Talk program :Power Trading Opportunities with India
21st November 2005

      Fourth AGM of IPPAN
7th February2005  

      Review of Policies, Acts and Regulations related to Hydropower in Nepal
      Nepal India Cooperation on Hydropower (NICOH)

Hydropower Nepal
Celebrating 100 years of Hydroelectricity in Nepal

Power Summit 2013



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