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Friday Forum Program On Labor Act 2074, Social security Fund and Federal Budget 2076/2077 by Finlink Advisors Pvt Ltd.

2 August, 2019

Friday Forum program on 'Sustainable Technology for Sound Return' by Nalini Ramin and Sudhir Gupta from Hydro Design Management Company Pvt. Ltd.

7 December, 2018

Friday Forum program on 'Implication of NFRS (IFRIC12) on Hydropower Entity' by C.A. Ghanashyam Paudel and C.A. Jagdish Agrawal

30 November, 2018

Friday Forum program on 'Reviving drying springs in the Himalayas: Mitigation Measures for Hydropower' by Dr. Aditi Mukherji, Theme Leader, Water and Air, ICIMOD

9 March, 2018

'Informing, Engaging and Building Capacities of Hydropower Developers and Operators on Hydro met-data Modelling scenarios and Emergency Action Planning'-by IPPAN and USAID Paani Program

22 December, 2017

'VAT on Hydropower; Compliances and Issues' - CA Ghanshyam Paudyal (partner of G. Paudyal & Associates, Chartered Accountants as well as a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) Krishna Shrestha)

15 September, 2017

E-Flow assessment in Hydropower- Hari Krishna Shrestha (a senior hydrologist involved in this sector since 1997 as well as professor at Pokhara University)
17 February, 2017

Multi-stakeholder(Community) Mediation- Ms. Preeti Thapa (Apeace Builder and US trained Lawyer)
2 September, 2016

Sustainable energy for all in Nepal (Private Sector Engagement)- Mr. Suman Basnet, Sustainable Energy Co-ordinator (NPC/UNDP)

12th February, 2016

Valuation, cost of capital, government benifit in Nepal's Hydropower Industry- Dr. Manoj Shahi, CFA
27th February, 2015

Innovative approaches to mitigate slope stability and landslide problem in Hydropower Projects- Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal
15th August, 2014

Energy Demand Forecast- Amrit Man Nakarmi
6th June, 2014

ACCR Introductory Presentation- Mr. Bijendra Shrestha
23rd May, 2014

Insights to decisions- Mr. Shashi Bhattarai
25th April 2014  

Transmission System Planning and Expansion in Nepal- Mr. Surendra Raj Bhandary
25th October 2013  

HIDCL Presentation- Mr. Deepak Rauniar
22nd March 2013 

Feasibility Study for Turbine Manufacturing and Testing in Nepal - Dr. Bhola Thapa & Mr. Biraj Singh Thapa
2nd February 2012 

Reforming Small Electricity Systems under Political instability: The Case of Nepal- Dr. Rabindra Nepal 
13th July 2012 

What can we learn from power sector reforms in Brazil and India?- Sharad B. Karmacharya
22nd June 2012 

Photovoltaic Systems: Can it reduce loadshedding in Nepal?- Mr. Jagan Nath Shrestha
2nd February 2012  

Hydropower Financing in Nepal- Mr. Apar Neupane
23rd Dec, 2011

Financing Hydropower Sector- Mr. Bishwash Gauchan
2nd Dec, 2011

Project Financing- Mr. Manoj Goyal
9th sep,2011

Nepal Power System at Crossroads-Where do we go from here- Mr. Surendra Raj Bhandary
29th July 2011 

Investment Environment for Hydropower Development in Nepal- Dr. Sandip Shah
1st July 2011 

Government of Nepal’s plan to generate 25,000 MW in Twenty Years
30th July 2010

Special Financial institution for Nepal’s power developers
16th July 2010

Future Energy Scenarios and Strategic Options for Nepal
23rd April 2010

Managing Load Shedding: A Generation Perspective
9th April 2010

Managing Load shedding –Overcoming the Financial Challenges of NEA.
26th March 2010

Managing Load shedding - IV, a Renewable Energy Way.
12th March 2010

Managing Load shedding - III, Consumers’ role in energy savings.
5rd February 2010

Managing Load shedding - II, a demand side perspective
8th January 2010

Hydropower Nepal
Celebrating 100 years of Hydroelectricity in Nepal

Power Summit 2013


December, 2018

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