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Day 1

Thematic Session I - Pre-requisites for achieving 10,000 MW

1. Specific Policy, Institutions and framework for 10000MW- Chiranjeewee Chataut, Jt. Sec. MoEn

2.  NEA internal approach - Genco in SPV Model, power trading, discom- Mr. Rajeev Sharma, DMD, NEA

3. Creating Market for 10000 MW: Learning from India- Mr. RV Shahi, Former Secretary MoP, GoI

4. Consensus and local participation in Hydropower- Mr. Nirjan Rai, ED, Niti Foundation


Thematic Session II - COUNTING PROJECTS FOR 10,000 MW 

1. Nepalese Private Sector at Breakthrough Stage: Progress and Problems- Mr. Kumar Pandey, Gen Sec., IPPAN

2. Budhigandaki Storage HEP: Can it be the GERD of Nepal- Dr. Laxmi P. Devkota, Chairman, BHPDC

3. Show Case Project Upper Tamkoshi HEP- Mr. Bigyan Shrestha, Project Manager

4. Upper Trishuli 1 HEP - four years to PDA- Mr. Kim Joon Hyung, MD, NWEDC


Thematic Session III : MARKET FOR 10,000 MW

1. National Electricity Demand: Increasing Consumption for Economic Growth- Mr. Sanjaya Dhungel, IBN

2.  Regional Power Cooperation and Trade: Lessons for South Asia-Dr. Ramesh Ananda Vaidya, ICIMOD/Niti

3. NEA's demand forecast, strategy for increasing consumption and power trade- Mr. Prabal Adhikari, PTD, NEA

4. Policy intervention to increase domestic electricity demand- Prof. Dr. Amrit Man Nakarmi


Day 2

Thematic Session IV : Thematic Session IV - Developing 10,000 MW Sustainably

1. River Basin Planning: organizing sustainable development- Mr. Keshab Dhoj Adhikary,  Jt. Sec., WECS

2. Sustainable Hydropower Development and Lessons Learned from the US- Dr. Raha Hakimdavar, USFS

3. Climate Change in Hydropower: Using Hydro Met Data- Mr. Divas Basnyat, NDRI

4. Cascade management for operation optimization- Mr. Bredo Erichsen, Statkraft India 


Thematic Session V :  Financing 10,000 MW: Domestic 

1. Financing projects with domestic capital- Mr. Deepak Rauniyar, Former CEO, HIDCIL

2. Nepalese Banks for Hydropower: The capacity and caution- Mr. Anil K. Shah, President, NBA

3. Local shares: Balancing Shareholder Awareness- Mr. Kiran Vergis, Deloitte / USAID’s NHDP

4.  Going Public on Hydropower: Issues and Opportunities- Mr. Niraj Giri, ED, SEBON


Thematic Session VI :  Financing 10,000 MW : International

1. Equity fund: What they need for proceeding faster?- Mr. Tim Gocher, CEO, Dolma Fund

2.  Raising Capital for Projects- Mr. Stephane Barbeau, IFC

3. FDI Projects: Challenges of financing FDI Projects- Mr. Ashish Garg, EC Member,IPPAN 

4. Upper Karnali HEP : Developing a large FDI Project- Mr. Rajib Misra, Upper Karnali HEP

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